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1.5" ( 38mm) Line Marking Stencil - Tube

Fat Lip Collective

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1.5 inch ( 38mm) line marking stencil for tube

Marking a tube to cut straight can be difficult, almost as difficult as cutting a tube straight without a line ( unless you have a bandsaw) 

This works by wrapping around the tube as a stencil to give you a perfectly marked line for cutting.

Unique 3D printed 2 pieces clam-shell design, using stainless hardware and neodymium magnets to ensure a rugged, long-lasting fabrication tool.


Product: 1.5" (38mm) line marking Stencil For Tube

Material: 3D printed PETG compound, Neodymium magnets & Stainless hardware

Size: Fits around 1.5" (38mm) O.D Tube