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Tig Torch Gas Lens Kit 3/32 (2.4mm) | WP17- WP18 - WP26


Regular price $16.00

Tig torch gas lens kit to suit Wp-17, Wp18 & Wp-26 torches.

Tig welding gas lenses reduce turbulence in your shielding gas, along with increasing the flow to the weld puddle.

A gas lens dramatically improves your weld quality, while also having the added benefit of allowing for much longer tungsten stick out, giving you better weld visibility for tricky tig welds.


Product: Wp17, 18 & 26 tig torch gas lens kit for 3/32 (2.4mm) tungsten

Size: 3/32 - 2.4mm

Fits: WP17, WP18 & WP26 Tig Welding Torches

What You Get: 1x Tig torch gas lens, 1x tungsten collet