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Tig Steady By Tigware


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The Tigware Tig steady is a heavy-duty tool designed to provide adjustable arm support, making them unbeatable for welding positioners and those difficult-to-reach tig welding spots.

The robust construction features a super strong 160kg pull force electromagnetic base, stainless tubing for the tower and arm, along with a 6061 aluminium clamp with SS knobs.

Product: Tig Steady Arm, non-telescoping with magnetic base.

Dimensions: Tower height: 20.5" (520mm), Stable arm length: 18.5" (470mm) 18" of usable reach.

Magnetic Base: 160kg Pull force

Material: Stainless Steel, 6061 Aluminium 


For best results, use the steady arm in line with the mag base. 

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