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3" (76mm) - 4" (101mm) | Scratch & Dent | 304ss - Stainless Steel Concentric Size Reducer

Bend Brothers

Regular price $19.00

Scratch & Dent - We have had a full shipment of reducers arrive with damage to the 4" end ( nicks, thin spots, out of round, ect). Since 85% of the reducer is in perfect condition, we thought we would offer them at a reduced price.


3" To 4" Size reducer used for making expansion chambers in turbo dump pipes, exhaust mufflers or any time a smooth diameter change is required 


Product: 3"- 4" 304ss Size Reducer  

Material: 340 Grade Stainless Steel

Dimensions: 76mm (Di) x 68mm (L) x 101.2mm (Di)

Total Quantity: 1x Reducer 

What you get: 1x 304ss size reducer ultrasonically cleaned and packed ready to weld from the packet





3" (76mm) - 4" (101mm) | Scratch & Dent | 304ss - Stainless Steel Conc | Bend Brothers ...