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Garrett 3" (76mm) - 4" (101mm) Turbo Outlet Flange

TCR Fabrication

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Turbo Outlet V-Band Flange 3" to 4" Suits Garrett V-Band 30 & G SeriesTurbo Range.

Designed to dramatically cut your fabrication time & costs by creating an all in one v-band & size adaptor flange.

The custom-designed flange allows for maximum exhaust flow while keeping a minimal profile as we all know space is a premium in any engine bay.

This flange reduces your costs and fabrication time dramatically by removing the need to purchase both a flange & reducer while also saving you the extra fabrication time.

Exclusively designed, engineered & manufactured in Australia by TCR Fabrication

These v-band flanges fit the Garrett 30 series turbos from there 3071 to 3582 & Garrett's new G series turbo's.

Product: 3" - 4" Garrett 30 series turbo outlet flange.

Material: Mild Steel

Flange: Male lipped flange with machined 3" (76mm) to 4" (101mm) transition 

What You Get: 1x Flange packaged, ready to weld.

Garrett 3" (76mm) - 4" (101mm) Turbo Outlet Flange | Bend Brothers ...