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5" (127mm) V-Band Back Purge Cap

Bend Brothers

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V-Band purge caps help you speed up your welding workflow by simplifying the back purge process.

Designed  to cover all v-band variations*, these purge caps will fit male/female lipped flanges & standard flat face v-bands while also acting as a heatsink to reduce warping of the flange.

Designed by In-House Fabrication and manufactured in Australia from CNC machined Aluminium for ultimate longevity.

*Recess inner diameter: 131.2mm 

Product: 5" (127mm) V-Band Back Purge Cap 

Material: 6061 Aluminium

Dimensions: 146x146x30mm

Weight: 1,200 grams

What You Get: 1x V-band back purge cap, 1x 1/8 NPT hose barb.

5" (127mm) V-Band Back Purge Cap | Bend Brothers ...